Indigenous Ingenuity Exhibition

at Montréal Science Centre started in october 12, 2017.

Client : La Boite Rouge Vif

Deliverables : Re-recorded sound mixing of the videos and audio stories for the exhibition Indigenous Ingenuity at Montreal Science Centre. In 2018, « Indigenous Ingenuity » was on a Canadian tour.

Project : audio post-production

Year : 2017

Winner of NUMIX 2018 :

On may 17th 2018, Indigenous Ingenuity win the best museum production prize at Gala des prix NUMIX 2018.

Credits :

Production : La Boîte Rouge vif, Groupe DES et CREO.
La Boîte Rouge vif’s team :
Audiovisual project manager : Claudia Neron
Cinematography and coordination : Carl Morasse
Camera : Gabriel Fortin, Carl Morasse, Bogdan Stefan
Editors : Gabriel Fortin, Maxime Girard, Bogdan Stefan
Sound recordists/designers : François-Mathieu Hotte and Guillaume Thibert
Colorist : Gabriel Fortin
Re-recording mixer : Philippe Sioui Durand (Yändata’)
Graphic interator : Justine Bourdages
360˙ designers and editors : Jean-François Vachon
Voices : Charles Buckell-Robertson, Akienda Lainé, Patrice Leblanc, Élise Mitchell